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Brandon Chastang

Brandon BMCFLY Being Motivated Comes From Loving Yourself. Chastang is an African American motivational speaker, activist, actor, and director. B. McFly is an avid community empowerment reformer and is known for motivating people, especially youngsters to bring about a change in society

Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Story Be Ashamed If There Is No Ending To Your Story



Say it Again “BMCFLY”

" Actions speak louder than words but character speaks louder than actions."

“BMCFLY” Speaks

The spark that drives people to greatness resonates across all sectors and pushes people towards success regardless of their background.

His keynotes are engaging, inspiring and humorous, and his audience will have practical tools and motivation to start bringing home bigger and better results.

He knows what works and what doesn’t, and will be honored if you allow him to help you or your loved one put an end to their addiction. When you cross paths with Soldiers For Recovery, Inc., you will know you have arrived at the right place.

Say it Loud!

Currently booking motivational speaking and life changing engagements.

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In Their Words

Hear what they say about me


Chastang is One of the African American motivational speaker, activist, actor, and director.

Ava .L

“We are afraid to tell somebody we need help,” Chastang says. “Now. I’m sure that happens everywhere, right? But in the African-American and Black and Brown community, that’s what it is. If I tell you that I got to go get help somewhere, then I’m ‘weak’.”

David SM

Brandon Chastang , Philadelphia educator and counselor, is changing the narrative one video at a time.


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